Dentures FAQs

June 2, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Getting fitted for dentures, or considering dentures as a means of replacing missing teeth, is a big step, and most people have a lot of questions. These dentures FAQs should help you to decide if dentures are right for you.

Do Dentures Fall Out?

This is one of the biggest worries among people who are considering dentures and one of the most commonly asked dentures FAQs. You can put your mind to rest. Today’s methods of imaging and manufacturing dentures are very sophisticated, so you do not have to worry about your dentures slipping, sliding or falling out.

How Should I Care for My Dentures?

Dentures need to be cleaned regularly. Some clients of Loftus Dental in Rapid City prefer to keep their dentures in while they sleep, and that is perfectly fine. Others remove their dentures and place them in a special solution for cleaning. Even if you wear your dentures pretty much constantly, you do have to take them out for regular cleaning. Make sure to use a specially formulated cleanser, though, not toothpaste. Toothpaste can dull your dentures.

Will My Dentures Last Forever?

Properly cared for, your dentures will last a long time, but not forever. This is because, as you age, your mouth changes, and at some point you will need a new set of dentures.

Do Dentures Cost a Lot?

You could think of a purchase of dentures as being similar to buying a car from your local dealer. Obviously, a Lincoln Navigator is going to cost you quite a bit more than, say, a Ford Focus. Dentures are available in a variety of price ranges. A set that looks reasonably good can be very cost-effective. On the other hand, if you want dentures that have the luminosity and depth of color that you would find in a set of perfect, natural teeth, you will probably pay a little bit more.

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These dentures FAQs should get you started on your way to deciding if dentures are the best choice for you. If you have other questions, contact Loftus Dental in Rapid City, SD at 605-341-4521. We will be happy to talk with you, or arrange an appointment.