Health Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

August 30, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Have you ever heard complaints from your partner that you snore all night? Not only can snoring be annoying, but it can be a major symptom that you have sleep apnea. Obstructed Sleep Apnea or OSA is very common in many Americans, especially those who are either male or overweight. Sleep apnea disrupts your sleeping patterns and as a result, you wake up feeling exhausted and many other risk factors come into play. Once you seek out treatment for your sleep apnea, you will find that there are plenty of benefits to keep you treating yourself. Explore the health benefits of sleep apnea treatment and then visit Loftus Dental in Rapids City to receive treatment for your sleep apnea today!

A Better Night of Sleep

With sleep apnea treatment with the use of an oral appliance or CPAP machine, patients will begin to feel better about their night of sleep. After just a week of use, you should experience waking up feeling refreshed like you had a better night of sleep than before. In addition, your partner will not have any complaints about you keeping them awake with loud snoring. A better night of sleep is one of the top benefits of sleep apnea treatment. Wake up feeling refreshed and more good will follow.

Reduced Risk of Serious Health Conditions

In addition to waking up feeling more refreshed, you will also find that one of the benefits of sleep apnea treatment includes the reduced risk of serious health conditions. If you have sleep apnea or know anything about it, you will know that sleep apnea can increase your risk for heart disease, stroke, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and even a heart attack. Once you receive sleep apnea treatment, this can help your blood pressure go down and the rest of the risk factors will follow.

Daytime Alertness and Concentration

When you have sleep apnea, you will find that when you wake up, you feel exhausted, and with that comes the feeling of irritability, lack of concentration and a groggy feeling all day. Once you are using a sleep apnea treatment, you will begin to wake up feeling refreshed and with that comes more alertness during the day. This will help you concentrate more at work, while you’re driving and doing other important things you want to be mentally present for.

Emotional Stability

If you have ever experienced a night lacking sleep, you will find that it messes with your mood and emotional stability. There is actually a link between mood disorders and sleep apnea. Without treatment, you face the risk of developing a mood disorder or just feeling emotionally unstable. With a good night of sleep every night, you will feel much better mentally and emotionally.

Experience the Health Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment for Yourself

Now that you know all about the health benefits of sleep apnea treatment, you should experience them yourself. Give Loftus Dental a call in Rapid City for different sleep apnea treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed throughout the day. Give our dental office a call or fill out our online form for a consultation today.