How to Save a Tooth from Extraction

March 24, 2018 - 4 minutes read

An extraction should be a last resort for any patient due to the many problems that arise once a tooth is pulled. Among these problems includes losing bone mass in your jaw. In addition, if you don’t seek a restorative treatment for your missing teeth, any adjacent teeth will begin crowding into the area, causing alignment problems. In order to prevent your tooth from being extracted, Loftus Dental offers root canal treatment to qualifying candidates. This wonderful restorative dentistry treatment has been used for years to save teeth from needing to be extracted. Learn more about root canals in Rapid City.

Root Canals Can Save Your Teeth

A root canal is an innovative dental treatment used by dentists to remove infected matter from your tooth in order to save it from being extracted. First, your dentist in Rapid City will perform a complete dental exam to find out the root of your problem. You are most likely experiencing a lot of pain which is why you ended up at the dentist. To find out what the problem is, there will most likely be dental x-rays and a visual exam. If your dentist finds that there is an infection in the root of your tooth, you will most likely be a candidate for a root canal.

The root canal procedure is not difficult. First, your dentist will numb you up so you don’t feel a thing. Don’t believe the rumors that root canals are painful; this is a common myth that actually refers to the pain patients feel before their procedure. Your dentist will remove the infected pulp in your tooth and then fill it with a composite solution. Depending on the size of the restoration, you may need a dental crown or large filling to cover the restoration site. This ensures that nothing gets inside your tooth like food debris or bacteria. After you are healed, you will find that all dental pain you were experiencing is gone and your tooth is back to complete health. There is no need to have your tooth extracted now.

I Thought Root Canals Killed Your Teeth?

Technically root canals remove the infected nerves in your teeth which in fact does kill them. However, your tooth does not need to be living to be a functioning part of your mouth. For example, dental crowns are not living but they can be used as replacement teeth. Root canals simply remove the infected part of your tooth so that the tooth can stay inside your jaw without your tooth becoming so infected that it falls out. Root canals can save you from extraction which is a cheaper restorative option than having your tooth removed and then paying for a restorative treatment.

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