Root Canals Overview

August 3, 2017 - 3 minutes read

The “dreaded” root canal should not be dreaded at all. After all, it is a form of dentistry that brings intense pain to an immediate end while it also saves an adult tooth that would have otherwise been extracted. At Loftus Dental in Rapid City, SD we encourage all our patients to reconsider their opinion of root canals and recognize them as a beneficial treatment option. Of course, it helps to understand just what the treatment involves to form a better view of it.

Understanding Endodontics

As your preferred dentist in Rapid City, we offer root canals, which is a form of endodontics. This is dentistry that deals with the interior of the teeth, and this is where all root canal therapy is done. Unlike typical cavities that can affect the enamel and some of the pulp or interior of the pulp, when decay has gone deep into the tooth and infected one or more of the roots, it requires treatment by our root canal specialist.

Fortunately, the root canal is not all that different than a filling. It involves your tooth being numbed and the area of decay and infection to be removed. The interior of the tooth is almost emptied and then treated to prevent any further pain or infection. The remaining portion of the tooth is usually prepared for a dental crown and a temporary is placed.

After this first phase of your root canal, you can go home and use the tooth gently until your new crown is back from the lab. Once it arrives, you come in for a final assessment of the root canal and the new crown is bonded in place.

Once a tooth is treated with root canal therapy it is free of pain and infection. You need only care for it in the same way you would other teeth, by flossing, brushing and getting twice annual cleanings and exams. Hopefully, this has proven to you that a root canal treatment is highly beneficial. After all, decay of that kind never goes away on its own and only worsens. That would mean your pain would get worse, the tooth would die and need extraction, and you would be left with the issues that tooth loss creates.

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