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The Rapid City dentists and Sturgis dentists at Loftus Dental specialize in preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental care.

Ron Loftus

Ron Loftus, DDS
General Dentist
Rapid City Dentist

Jeff Loftus

Jeff Loftus, DDS
General Dentist
Rapid City Dentist

TJ Loftus

T.J. Loftus, DDS
General Dentist
Sturgis Dentist

Jay Heeren

Jay Heeren, DDS
General Dentist
Sturgis Dentist

Black Hills dentists Dr. Ron Loftus, Dr. Jeff Loftus, Dr. T.J. Loftus, and Dr. Jay Heeren of Loftus Dental offer a full range of dental treatments to serve the whole family, including fillings, braces, implants, gum disease treatment, cosmetic changes, sealants, root canals, crowns and bridges.

Fantastic dental care, combined with the latest technologies, allows us to provide all your dental needs in either of our convenient locations. Call or visit us today—we look forward to brightening your smile!

If you would like to save time during your visit at Loftus Dental, we have provided our registration forms online. Download our Sturgis registration form below, otherwise visit My Account for Rapid City.

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Rapid City Journal Reader's Choice Award 2013

Choice Award

Loftus Dental voted the Black Hills Best Dentist for the 2013 Reader's Choice Award!


Rapid City Location directions
Rapid City Dental Office

4004 Jackson Blvd.
Rapid City, SD
Phone 605.341.4521
Fax 605.341.9750

Sturgis Location directions
Sturgis Dental Office

866 Lazelle Street
Sturgis, SD
Phone 605.347.8880
Fax 605.347.2011