About Dentures


When you lose your teeth, a number of problems occur. Of course, chewing becomes more difficult, and sometimes nearly impossible, resulting in an inability to enjoy the variety of foods from which you were once able to choose. Corn on the cob, apples, steak – all those foods most people love are no longer an option. Unless, of course, you want to run them through a food processor or blender before sitting down to eat.

Then there’s the hit to your self-esteem. You may be reluctant to smile, and you might not move your mouth much when you speak because you’re embarrassed by the gaps in your teeth.

Fortunately, modern dentistry can offer you any number of ways to fix your smile. Implants are by far the best choice, since they’re indistinguishable from your own teeth, won’t slip, and there’s no chance of losing them. However, there are a few medical conditions that can make implants problematic. Also, the expense of implants can be a deterrent. When implants aren’t feasible, the best option is dentures.

The Function and Benefits of Dentures

Full Dentures

Dentures are simply artificial teeth that replace missing teeth. They fit over the bone ridge, and when properly fitted, can function nearly as well as your natural teeth.

In the beginning, dentures can be somewhat difficult to wear. This is just because your gums are shrinking, and you need time to adapt. Usually, you’ll have two sets of dentures – first a temporary set that gets you through the period while your gums shrink. You’ll look good wearing them, and you’ll have an opportunity to adjust to the way dentures are going to feel in your mouth. The temporary dentures will not, of course, fit as well as the permanent ones.

With the advances in materials and manufacturing techniques, permanent dentures are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. When fitted properly, they will also perform in the same way, so you can smile to your heart’s content, and enjoy all the foods you loved before you lost your teeth.

Different Dentures


In addition to ordinary dentures, there are other options. For instance, if you’re considering implants, you might think about implant-supported overdentures. They’re ideal for people who are missing only a few teeth, because they’re fitted on the teeth that remain, and then anchored using implants. This type of denture feels totally natural.

Partial dentures are also available. They’re made from plastic and fill in gaps where teeth have been lost. They’re not expensive and are often used when people are waiting to have implants, or when the patient anticipates ultimately having full dentures.

Fitting Your Dentures

Dentures are created from a mold of your own teeth and the bottom and top ridges of your mouth. This is used to shape the dentures. Then, once you receive them, they’ll be re-lined to allow for the shrinking of your gums. Good dentures should always fit well and function in very nearly the same way as your own teeth.

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  • Loftus Dental met all my expectations! The staff are really friendly, courteous, understanding, attentive, patient and treat you like family (that's what I got used to at my ex-hometown). I am very impressed with customer service. I would recommend Loftus Dental to all my family and friends.

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  • Thank you Dr. Jeff, Gena and Emily for your caring and professional treatment. After two procedures in two days I even received a phone call from Dr. Jeff to check on me! After 32 years I have finally found a dentist and staff I am comfortable with and trust. Highly recommended!

    Terra K.