Sleep Apnea

About Sleep Apnea

Does your significant other elbow you in the night and tell you to stop snoring? Have you ever awakened suddenly, felt as though you couldn’t breathe, and wondered what in the world just happened? Are you having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep?

If you’re waking up several times in the night, or being awakened by someone who can’t sleep because of your tossing, turning and snoring, the problem could be sleep apnea.

The fact is, you’re not alone. You’d be amazed at how many people can’t sleep properly and end up affecting the others who have the privilege of sharing their bed. The culprit is sleep apnea, also sometimes called “sleep related breathing disorder,” or SRBD. If the soft tissues at the back part of your throat collapse while you’re sleeping, your windpipe partially closes, and you snore or you wake up in a state of panic. Alternatively, your partner kicks or elbows you awake. Either way, you get no sleep.

Come On, It’s Just Snoring, It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone!

Sleep Apnea

Well, no. If you’re the person suffering from sleep apnea, you could wake up 50 or more times per hour, almost once a minute, without even realizing. You don’t sleep. Neither does your partner, or your dog, or whoever else is in the bed with you. And it IS harmful, because in addition to losing sleep, your memory can suffer, you can feel confused and sleepy during the daytime, you can become irritable and head-achy, and you can also be even more prone to accidents than you might otherwise.

What Can You Do?

Fortunately, sleep apnea is treatable. Often, all that’s needed is an oral appliance that your dentist can design for you. These appliances reposition your jaw so that your tongue is moved away from your throat and no longer obstructs your breathing.

In severe cases, you might need surgery, but before you resort to such drastic measures, you can consult your dentist. At Loftus Dental, we’ve been providing satisfied clients with the SomnoDent appliance for years. It’s been proven effective in treating sleep apnea so that our patients, and those who have to contend with their snoring, tossing, and turning can have a decent night’s sleep and feel fresh and ready to go in the morning.

What is SomnoDent?

SomnoDent Sleep Apnea

SomnoDent devices are created from a substance that is something like acrylic. At Loftus Dental, we take an impression of your bite using a special kit. The acrylic-like substance is then poured into a mold that is used to make the SomnoDent appliance. Often, the appliance works on its own to correct sleep apnea and snoring. Sometimes it’s used in conjunction with other sleep apnea treatments, the need for which is determined based on an assessment of your dental and medical history.

The Benefits

Everyone deserves to have a good night’s sleep. If you’re troubled by snoring or waking up repeatedly during the night feeling as though you can’t breathe, or if you’re sleeping with someone who is experiencing those problems, there is help. With the right appliance, almost anyone can find relief from sleep apnea.

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If you can’t get a good night’s sleep because of snoring and breathing problems, or if someone you love is waking you every few minutes because of the same issues, contact us at Loftus Dental in Rapid City at 605-341-4521 or in Sturgis at 605-347-8880. Help is available, and we’d be happy to talk to you about SomnoDent and other treatments for sleep apnea.

Patient Testimonials

  • Loftus Dental met all my expectations! The staff are really friendly, courteous, understanding, attentive, patient and treat you like family (that's what I got used to at my ex-hometown). I am very impressed with customer service. I would recommend Loftus Dental to all my family and friends.

    Olya P.
  • Thank you Dr. Jeff, Gena and Emily for your caring and professional treatment. After two procedures in two days I even received a phone call from Dr. Jeff to check on me! After 32 years I have finally found a dentist and staff I am comfortable with and trust. Highly recommended!

    Terra K.