About Our Technology

Thanks to advances in dental technology, patients now have access to better solutions for oral health problems. Dentistry is now largely pain-free, and far less invasive than in decades past. Restorations look more natural than ever before, and can often be completed in a single visit instead of the multiple trips that used to be required.

Modern technology enables your dentist to provide an enhanced standard of care, with emphasis on comfort and lasting, aesthetically pleasing results. Lasers, intraoral cameras, and digital photography are just a few of the tools that your dentist can employ in order to serve you better.

At Loftus Dental, we would welcome an opportunity to show you the many ways modern dental technology can work for you. To book an appointment, contact our Rapid City office at 605-341-4521, or our Sturgis location at 605-347-8888. If you prefer, you can use the “Contact Us” page.

CEREC® Omni Scan

CEREC dental technology

At Loftus Dental, we’re always looking for the best ways to deliver quality dental care to you and your family. If you have damaged teeth, you might need crowns, and if you do, you need to know about the CEREC Omni Scan system.

CEREC is short for “ceramic restoration,” a system that can speed up the method of making crowns so that you can have your damaged tooth repaired in a single visit. Dr. Loftus uses this system to examine your teeth, create a digital image of them, and then create crowns right in the office instead of sending them to a lab to be manufactured. It’s incredibly accurate, and your dental crowns will fit every bit as well as if you’d gone through a multi-visit procedure that other dental clinics might require.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can benefit from CEREC!

Digital Photography

Unless you’re of a certain age, you probably don’t remember when taking photographs required the use of film and flash, and then a trip to a photo processor to have prints made. You probably just point your iPhone at your supper and then share it on Facebook!

Today, photos are taken without film and manipulated using any number of applications. Modern technology has revolutionized photography, and by extension, dentistry.

At Loftus Dental, each and every consultation includes a digital photograph of your mouth. We use those photos during your consultation so you can see up close what kind of shape your teeth are in, and what should be done. And we take more photos along the way so that you can see how your treatment progresses.

Let’s put you in the picture. Call us for a consultation in Rapid City at 605-341-4521, or in Sturgis at 605-347-8880.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-Rays dental technology

Digital dental x-rays are a safe, fast, accurate tool that can be used to improve your overall dental health. Dentists use x-rays to identify a huge array of conditions, including loss of bone density, abscesses, infections, periodontal disease, and simple decay.

Today, films and developing solutions are a thing of the past. Your dentist is now more likely to use sensors, and send the images straight to a computer. This means that you’re exposed to much less radiation, and the images are better and more easily interpreted. The end result is a faster, more accurate picture of your overall dental health.

Even better, your dentist can enhance the image digitally, and get a superior picture of what’s going on in your mouth. And if your x-rays need to be sent to another specialist for whatever reason, they can be simply attached to an email!

Galileos CT Scan

How does an architect design or rebuild a building? He or she creates a blueprint. In fact, an architect would never even think of designing a building without one.

Think of your dentist as an architect for your mouth. How could your dentist begin to rebuild your mouth without a blueprint?

At Loftus Dental, we use a revolutionary imaging tool called the Galileos CT Scan to create a blueprint of your mouth before we begin any major procedure. It’s an imaging system that takes a picture of your whole jaw, along with the adjacent anatomical structures. It’s a lot like taking an X-ray, but it’s considerably more detailed. For some procedures (dental implants, for instance), it’s a vital component in creating a treatment plan.

If you’d like to know more about the Galileos CT scan, call our Rapid City office at 605-341-4521, or our Sturgis office at 605-347-8880.

Intraoral Camera

dental technology intraoral camera

Have you ever sat in a dental chair and panicked when your dentist hemmed and hawed and said “I’m seeing something here I don’t like”? You don’t have to go through that any more.

At Loftus Dental, we can show you on our intraoral cameras exactly what’s going on in your mouth. You can see what’s wrong, and understand what needs to be done. And then you can be a fully informed partner in your dental care.

If you’ve ever wanted to say to your dentist, “Don’t tell me, SHOW me,” come and see us at Loftus Dental. You can reach us in Rapid City at 605-341-4521, or in Sturgis at 605-347-8880.

Laser Dentistry

Maybe it sounds space-age, but when you think about it, lasers have come very much into the modern world. We use them for fat reduction, hair removal, pain management and so much more, so why not dentistry?

In the modern dental practice, lasers can eliminate excessive bleeding, reduce tissue damage, lower the risk of infection, reduce the recovery time after surgery, and even in some instances eliminate the need for anesthesia.

Laser dentistry can be used to treat tooth decay, remove benign tumors, and even reshape the gums without the need for cutting.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry, contact Loftus Dental at 605341-4521 in Rapid City, or 605-347-8880 in Sturgis.

Laser Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease is a bacterial gum condition that is also known as gingivitis. When it isn’t treated, it turns into periodontitis, and at that point, it can destroy your gums and the bones surrounding them, finally causing you to lose your teeth.

Periodontal disease can be prevented with good oral hygiene. Once entrenched, it has to be treated. In decades gone by, surgery was often required. Today, gum disease often responds to laser treatment. With this method, your dentist inserts a thin laser fiber between the teeth and the gum tissue in order to remove the compounds that cause gum disease.

The procedure is essentially non-invasive, and not overly time-consuming. Usually, you only need a couple of non-surgical two-hour sessions, as opposed to up to ten one-hour sessions that would involve surgery.

Contact our Rapid City or Sturgis location for more information.


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